Revival talks

Revival’s mission is to spread knowledge and experiences to every communities. From corporation, company, hotels, gymnasiums, schools, community and group to individual who seek knowledge of how to live a happier, healthier life are welcome to join our seminar. In the seminar, we will focus on mindfulness, exercise, and healthy living. 


Target audience

   – Elder

   – Sport enthusiast 

   – Office worker 

   – School or university Student 

   – Pregnant women (include couple) 

   – Personal trainer 


List of topics (company, hotels, gym, school) 

– Physiologic of Aging 


– Body types and their needs 


– What are our Fuels when we exercise?

(Bioenergetics of Exercises )


– Aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise (benefit, advantage, disadvantage, pros and cons) 


– Adaptation to Anaerobic Training Programs 

   – Increase speed, acceleration 


– Periodization 


– What happens with our nervous system and with our muscles when we start to lift? 

(Neural and Muscular Adaptation to Anaerobic Training Programs) 


– How our Hormones and Connective Tissues acts when we start to lift

(Connective Tissue Adaptations and Endocrine Responses to Anaerobic Exercises) 


– What happens with our Heart and veins when we start to lift? 

(-Cardiovascular and Respiratory Responses to Anaerobic Training )


– Exercise and sleeping benefit 


– Exercise to combat time zone adaptation 


– Exercise to improve company productivity 

   – Increase staff focus 

   – Reduce ailment (cost reduction)


Our Philosophy

We offer online workout packages focusing on exercises which you can do even at home with minimum equipment requirement. 

The body awakening program is to help to start to be physically active to every individual who had a long rest because of injuries, work , personal life issues or even never did any sports before.

The improvement program was born  to provide a wide range of body weight exercises which are not only substituting the usage of gym machines but gives the opportunity to build a more functional healthier mobile body.