Andrew Lanczkor

I consider myself as an athlete! Sport has always been the most important part of my life!
I’m proud to be a Hungarian champion taking part in professional sports as 100 and 400
meters runner.

I graduated at Hungarian University of Physical Education. I’ve always had passion in
conjugate science, sports and mind management, because of this, I have achieved to be a more successful Athlete as well as a trainer.

– At the beginning of my career, I have had experience working as a journalist for
an outdoor magazine, organizing sports events with which I learned great
leadership skills as well as having good teamwork and leading it to success. In the
same company, I was also working as a mountain guide, climbing the Dolomite at
Cortina D’Ampezzo and acquired knowledge about great responsibility, guiding
first-time and/or experienced climbers up and down the mountain safely.

– Subsequently, I was the co-founder of Hotman Factory. It became one of the
highest profile gyms in Bangkok. I have worked in all aspects of the business.
Focusing on managing the trainers and teaching them good teamwork. I also
eventually led a market launch of well-known and high quality supplements,
developed the concept of our gym’s vision with only one-on-one training which
produces better and faster results for clients and led to customer satisfaction.

– Further more, I had a great opportunity to train famous Muay Thai fighters,
Antoine and Leo Pinto. As they have only trained in Thailand, their training was
traditional, until I showed them a better process, a science in strength training
which I introduced applying it to Muay Thai fighting. Nowadays they are fighting
in Glory and they are now the top Kick Boxers in the world.

Our Philosophy

We offer online workout packages focusing on exercises which you can do even at home with minimum equipment requirement. 

The body awakening program is to help to start to be physically active to every individual who had a long rest because of injuries, work , personal life issues or even never did any sports before.

The improvement program was born  to provide a wide range of body weight exercises which are not only substituting the usage of gym machines but gives the opportunity to build a more functional healthier mobile body.