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Revival strength training methods involve the combination of training variables in a system that enables the body to adapt and perform on a higher level. The strength training program highly pays attention to specificity, overload and progression.


We establish efficient movement patterns at the fundamental movements ( squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling) and, after increasing intensity pushes your nervous system to activate more motor units, which make to contract more muscle fibers.With the right analysis, motivation, training frequency, exercise selection, intensity and, volume, everybody is capable of improving.


Our Philosophy

We offer online workout packages focusing on exercises which you can do even at home with minimum equipment requirement. 

The body awakening program is to help to start to be physically active to every individual who had a long rest because of injuries, work , personal life issues or even never did any sports before.

The improvement program was born  to provide a wide range of body weight exercises which are not only substituting the usage of gym machines but gives the opportunity to build a more functional healthier mobile body.